Serving the people of Steeton and Eastburn

Thanks to all those Steeton and Eastburn residents who took part in the recent Consultation on the Bradford Parking Scheme, we have now received a results presentation from the independent research company pending a final formal written report. What is clear is that there is no clear-cut/quick fix solution. You can view the full presentation by clicking here.

The results show that whilst the parking scheme at one level has addressed the issue of hospital employees parking in the villages, at the same time it has generated other unintended consequences in five ways as follows:

  • Access – covering visitor parking, trades, medical carers and local services.
  • Scheme Administration – requirements and online access.
  • Enforcement – fines, under/over enforcement.
  • Street Parking – dispersed/displaced, hospital overflow and insufficient public parking in general.
  • Quality of life – stress and isolation/loneliness .

On the positive side, what we have now is a clear body of evidence which represents the voice of local people who took part, which we have been able to pass to Bradford Council and which we believe cannot be ignored.

As the Parking Scheme was designed, implemented and managed by Bradford Council, we believe they are the people who need to use their expertise and resources to find a way to address the issues raised. We have asked Bradford to consider the feedback and specifically requested that they do not introduce any knee-jerk reactions/changes without a proper, formal consultation with residents of Steeton and Eastburn.

We currently await Bradford's response.

Last updated: Wed, 02 Aug 2023 10:29