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Proposed footpath from AGH to Steeton and Silsden train station

There have been proposals over the years to create a pedestrian and cyclist route from Airedale General Hospital and the centre of Steeton to the railway station, and this is included in the 2008 RUDP as well as the Airedale Masterplan 2020 to improve connectivity to the railway station. A route through the new development off Thornhill Road was identified and a suitable exit point retained, however now further progress cannot be made as permission will not be granted to allow the footpath go through third party land housing the driving test centre in Steeton Grove, because of concerns about pedestrian/vehicle conflict.

The Parish Council have for years been pursuing this proposal for a footpath, including sending a letter to the Secretary of State for Transport in February 2021 (can be viewed below, with 3 appendices), and more recently liaising with Robbie Moore MP, to highlight that the whole of the test centre is fenced off, which means there is no way that a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle could encroach upon this land to or from the adjacent road or footpath, and that there is therefore no reason why this footpath cannot be connected. Mr Moore kindly contacted the government's Department of Transport, who have responded with the letter included on the link below. This states that the footpath would not be suitable due to the use of the testing site for heavy duty vehicle testing - however the Parish Council is aware that, although this location was previously used for the MOT testing of wagons and large vans, this operation has now ceased.

The Chair of the Parish Council has responded to this letter (response below), and received another response from the Department of Transport on 19 March 2021 (letter also below): the Chair will continue to liaise with Mr Moore to pursue this footpath proposal.

Posted: Wed, 10 Mar 2021 09:57 by Ms Rebecca Crabtree

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