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No Child Cold

No Child Cold is a ground breaking partnership initiative to ensure that all children in Bradford District are able to stay warm over Winter.

With over 75,000 children in Bradford District currently at home all day at a time when temperatures have reached -4 degrees we are asking all 90 of the Council's elected members to get behind No Child Cold our innovative partnership approach to make sure that all children stay warm over Winter. At least 21,000 children in our district live in homes where the pressures of the pandemic mean that families are struggling to afford to heat their homes for this extra time. No Child Cold will pay out grants of £80 directly to energy suppliers on behalf of families with school aged children (4-18) who need help with heating bills. The grants will be administered by Citizens Advice. Eligibility Grants will help families where:

  • Household income, of those responsible for bills, has fallen due to a reduction in wages, either because of a reduction in working hours, a loss of regular overtime or a member of the household has been furloughed.
  • The family is a low income household (defined as being in receipt of UC, tax credits or other income related DWP / local authority benefit) and fuel costs have increased as a result of children being at home because of school closures.
  • The family live in a household where the child would be entitled to free school meals and fuel costs have increased because the children have had to stay at home because of school closures.

Making a referral

Referrals to Citizens Advice must be made through one of the following trusted partners:

  • Schools
  • Food Banks
  • Voluntary sector advice agencies

These trusted partners will complete and submit an application form on a family's behalf.

Financial support

Funds are being raised through the kindness and generosity of businesses, organisations, faith groups and individuals across the district many of whom have already pledged their support. It's easy to support No Child Cold through the following link, to help children in need across our district keep warm during this lockdown:

Posted: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 14:30 by Ms Eve Haskins

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