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Necessary remedial work at the Steeton war memorial

For information: further background on the necessary work at the war memorial, including the application for the felling of six trees in the area. The issue of the necessary remedial work required at the war memorial was discussed fully by the Parish Council before the company were approached to lead on this project (Paul Waites Ltd), as it was acknowledged that expertise was required. Paul Waites Ltd wrote a report based on the survey of the area, and both the report and survey were discussed fully at a Council meeting and the decision was made to direct Paul Waites Ltd to put the job out to tender for us. They sent the documents to the three most suitable civil engineering companies for them to put their bids in for the work, and at the expiration of the tender period Paul Waite Ltd was asked to advise as to the best bid to accept. When the Council had accepted the best bid it was agreed that the Chair would meet Paul Waite and a representative from the contractor to discuss the work to be done, and the discussion included the moving of the large rocks (which are to be moved to the roadside beds alongside Skipton Road) and the issue of the trees at the bottom side of the war memorial. It was verbally advised that these would have to be removed to get them from under the new base and also to stop the top of the trees damaging the spire of the war memorial. All this was duly reported to the Council before the go ahead was given to Paul Waites to put in the application for the removal of the trees. Therefore the trees have always been an issue but only came to the fore when the contractors were looking at the works that needed to be done. After the drawings were produced they showed the proximity of the tree roots to the works that have to be undertaken, and it was highlighted that the roots of the trees undermine the area that has to be excavated and rebuilt. This work cannot be done without touching the tree roots, and the war memorial is the number one priority for protection. The other three trees that have been requested for removal are because they pose a serious threat to the spire of the war memorial. These trees are not planned plantings but merely self-sown seedlings which have been allowed to grow rampant. Bradford Council's Parks and Landscapes Department has also agreed that they needed to be removed when the issue was discussed with them. If the tree team grants permission the Parish Council will incorporate new trees in the scheme of planting for the new garden design, which will be slow growing decorative native trees. The numbers of which will be guided by the landscape architect who is doing the work on designing the new garden layout.

Posted: Wed, 20 Jan 2021 10:29 by Ms Eve Haskins

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